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The Amelia Appleby School of Performing Arts - Maidstone

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As a school, we thrive in providing a fun, friendly, safe and supportive environment to introduce the wonderful world of performing arts where students are happy, confident and encouraged to achieve their full potential and make life long friends. 
Offering an array of dance, singing and drama classes for children aged 2 1/2 - 18 years in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Singing, Drama (LAMDA), Contemporary, Acro Dance, Pointe Work Prep and Pointe Work.
In addition to classes, we offer examinations and a variety of performance opportunities such as Disneyland Paris, London West End Theatres, sporting stadium events as well as our own annual Christmas Shows, Summer Shows and Award Presentations at The Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone.

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In addition to weekly term-time classes and examinations in a variety of disciplines, we pride ourselves in being able to offer students a number of exciting performance opportunities.
It's a chance for students to work together to create something spectacular and perform to audiences across the country developing confidence, performance skills and above all, enjoy and shine like stars on the stage.

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Happily Ever After

July 2023


You Will Be Found 2022

July 2022

At the End of the Rainbow

October 2021


You Will Be Found 2020

March 2020

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Sadlers Wells

November 2019


Disneyland Paris

July 2019

An Evening of Dirty Dancing

November 2017


Her Majesty's Theatre

April 2017


'Happily Ever After'

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In addition to weekly term-time classes and performance opportunities, we pride ourselves in being able to offer students the opportunity to be entered for dance and singing examinations under the Anglo Russe I.S.D.A and drama examinations with LAMDA.  It's a fantastic opportunity to encourage students to really focus on material, learn and study within a group and individual setting.
Dance and Singing examinations are entered under the Anglo Russe I.S.D.A where students utilise class time to prepare and then perform to an examiner individually, are graded and then receive a certificate and medal if they pass.  This is then usually presented at our Award Presentation where you are invited to watch the students perform their pieces and then be presented with their medals onstage.
Drama examinations are entered with LAMDA where students utilse class time to learn, study and prepare pieces to perform to an examiner.  From Grade 6 onwards, LAMDA examinations are the equivalent to GCSE and A Levels providing additional valuable UCAS points to help support further education.

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LAMDA Examinations

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art


Auglo Russe I.S.D.A

Auglo Russe International Stage Dancing Association


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P.T. Barnum

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